Philips Bucky Diagnost FS

X-ray Philips Bucky Diagnost FS

Bucky Diagnost FS represents a diagnostic table with moving in three directions wild, providing exact positioning and movement of the patient at a usual radiography with use of a steep and horizontal bunch of x-ray radiation. The ergonomic design and convenience of service of this device allow to work quickly and effectively.

Stepless vertical movement. The device has unlimited possibility of vertical movement of a table. Within the range of movement adjustable "preferable" working height with an automatic stop is set at achievement of this height. After lowering flow a table to the set level over a floor the patient without effort is shifted or changes to a table and back to a wheelchair or in a chair. Comfortable дека table. Wide "floating" дека the table, made of strong, X-ray transparent plastic, ensures the maximum safety and comfort of the patient.

Fast and safe work is promoted, not least, by automatic reading and indication on the display located over the handle of management of Bukka, distances focus - a film, and also a format of the cartridge and the sizes of a field of radiation.

Planning of the room shouldn't define flexibility degree. Therefore Philips proposes innovative solutions, self-orientating on convenience of the user and the patient. It is confirmed by a design of a floor rack of FS Standard, ideal for the standard room where the ceiling design is impossible. Additional benefit - an option of the electronic tomography, giving the chance to switch a radiography to a tomography by one touch to the button. Our floor rack of FS Compact, thanks to the sizes and maneuverability, is made by request of the user for rooms of the smaller size. As well as the standard floor rack, a compact floor rack possesses excellent maneuverability under various corners. The L-shaped arm with an ergonomic design allows to carry out excellent lateral pictures of a backbone among other types of researches.

The floor rack of FS the Compact allows to carry out lateral expositions with standard distance of SID (from a source to the image) in even very small rooms.